The Fractal Nature of Atoms

The evidence is clear and plentiful: atoms are not solids. Their behaviour is very like that of ball lightning but in miniature. They are tiny spirals of pure electrical energy. Failure to grasp this has led to the misinterpretation of the “dual slit” experiment and photoelectric u. Rejection of the assumption that atoms are at times solid and recognition of them as insubstantial fractal entities furthers the case for a “theory of everything” : based on the idea that the universe is electrically-driven, fractal and composed of a hierarchy of electrical flat spirals.


Terrestrial ball lightning, at a few feet in diameter, is between galaxies and atomsĀ  in size. But despite the disparities, it shares the physical and electrical characteristics of both: their spirality, their stability and independent, self-contained nature and their capacity to generate energy.


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